Cristiano Ronaldo's $1,670 weekend wear, Shaq dunking on Rob Gronkowski and what you missed this weekend

Shaq ends game of HORSE vs. Gronk by tearing off rim (0:24)

Shaquille O'Neal tosses the ball off the backboard then slams it down, ripping the rim off in the process. Rob Gronkowski concedes the competiton after the jam. (0:24)

Here's what you might have missed this weekend ...

Mark Twain said "clothes make the man." So what to make of Cristiano Ronaldo?

While the international icon had a goal and an assist in Juventus' 4-0 win over Lecce on Friday, that wasn't his standout contribution of the weekend. It was the Louis Vuitton outfit he donned for his Saturday activities.

If anyone wants to dress like Ronaldo, the shirt ($875) and shorts ($795) are available for $1,670 on Louis Vuitton's website.

It looks like there'll be an NFL season in the fall, but if not, Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has other options.

Wilson's clearly got swag. However, Ciara, his wife, has produced 21 Billboard top-100 hits, sold 23 million records and won as many Grammys as Wilson has Super Bowls. Maybe Wilson can leave the singing to her.

A big congratulations to Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Collin Johnson. It has been a big few weeks for him.

First, Johnson, whom the Jaguars drafted in the fifth round of the 2020 NFL draft, signed his first professional contract.

And then, over the weekend, he popped the question.

We'll never look at a swing the same way again.

Which brings us to Gronk, who can win any weekend.

On Saturday, new Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski and NBA great Shaquille O'Neal hosted a virtual party for charity on Twitch featuring performances by Snoop Dogg and Diplo.

The highlight of the night, however, was the game of HORSE the two hosts played.

So, although Gronk might win any weekend you give him, Shaq Diesel took the game.