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*Stats updated through August 21, 2017.



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  • K/D/A - Kill/Death/Assist

  • KDA Ratio - (Kills + Assist)/Deaths

  • DMG% - Damage Percentage

  • DPM - Damage Per Minute

  • KP - Kill Participation

  • DTH% - Death Percentage

  • G% - Gold Percentage

  • WPM - Wards Per Minute


LPL: Newbee rattles Snake in LPL playoffs

Summer split

Content and Recaps - Playoffs

LPL: Team WE makes quick work of Newbee in the LPL playoffs

Week 9 recaps

LPL: Newbee performs under pressure from Suning Gaming

LPL: Newbee sweep LGD Gaming

Content and Recaps - Week 8

LPL: JD Gaming pulls off upset, stuns Newbee 2-1

Content and Recaps - Week 6

LPL: Newbee builds momentum in sweep of Invictus Gaming

Content and Recaps - Week 5

LPL: Newbee beats Snake Esports 2-1 in chaotic match

LPL: EDward Gaming shuts down Newbee's strategy in sweep

Content and Recaps - Week 4

LPL: Newbee rocks Team WE 2-1

LPL: Newbee grabs hard win over I May in the LPL

Content and Recaps - Week 3

LPL: OMG leads Group B with win over Newbee

LPL: LGD Gaming outfights Newbee for quick 2-1 win

Content and Recaps - Week 2

LPL: Newbee takes 2-1 victory over JD Gaming

Content and Recaps - Week 1

LPL: Newbee wins over Suning Gaming in two and a half hour series

Spring split

Recaps - Week 10

LPL W10D4: Newbee secures playoff berth against Game Talents

Recaps - Week 9

LPL W9D3: Vici Gaming takes scrappy sweep vs. Newbee

Recaps - Week 8

LPL W8D4: EDG on fire in win against Newbee

LPL W8D2: Newbee 'swift'-ly dispatches QG Reapers

Recaps - Week 7

LPL W7D3: Newbee picks up 'cool' win against LGD Gaming

Recaps - Week 6

LPL W6D4: OMG slowly meanders to victory over Newbee

LPL W6D2: Newbee's Swift puts on a clinic vs. I May

Recaps - Week 5

LPL W5D3: Newbee folds to a Royal flush

LPL W5D1: Snake Esports starts Week 5 with win against NewBee

Recaps - Week 4

LPL W4D1: Invictus Gaming demolishes Newbee

Recaps - Week 3

LPL W3D3: Game Talents earns upset win over NewBee

Recaps - Week 2

LPL W2D4: Vici Gaming takes hard-fought 2-0 win over Game Talents

Recaps - Week 1

LPL W1D2: Team WE wins back-and-forth with Newbee

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