Newbee 'swift'-ly dispatches QG Reapers

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Newbee looked like anything but a newbie in a 2-0 series win vs QG Reapers on Friday, opening up Week 8, Day 2 of the League of Legends Pro League with a clean sweep in Shanghai.

Newbee (6-7, 16-17 match record) took an early lead in Game 1, thanks to jungler Baek "Swift" Da-hoon's Lee Sin, who played like a man possessed. Ganking the top lane several times to set up its top laner Fan "Skye" Qi-Fang's Nautilus, Newbee had an impressively strong front line heading into the mid game. While the QG Reapers (6-7, 15-16 match record) kept things relatively even during a mid game lull, a 4-for-1 teamfight in the top lane gave Newbee a Baron kill and complete control of the game. After using the buff to push through the top lane and take down QG's top inhibitor, Newbee regrouped and made one final push, taking a 3-for-0 inside of QG's base on the back of Swift's initiation, en route to a 0/0/12 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) for 92 percent kill participation as Newbee took Game 1 in 32 minutes.

Game 2 began much in the same way for Newbee, as Swift's Kha'Zix found two kills by the seven-minute mark to start snowballing out of control. While QG Reapers found a 3-for-1 skirmish near the top of the river at 19 minutes to give it much needed momentum, NB's consistent gold lead prevented QG from snowballing, leading to a 3-for-1 for NB after QG secured a risky Baron kill. QG did what it could with the buff, but NB still remained in control, leading to a second risky Baron attempt for QG. Swift managed to steal the Baron as the rest of Newbee took a 4-for-1 teamfight win, immediately pushing through the mid lane and securing the Game 2 win in 36 minutes.

Newbee looks to maintain its momentum as it approaches a tough series against EDward Gaming on Sunday at 1 a.m ET, while QG Reapers prepares for a tall task of its own as it squares off vs Team WE at 7 a.m ET on Sunday.