LGD turns it up to 11 vs. Invictus Gaming

AD carry Gu "Imp" Seung-bin plays for Chinese League of Legends team LGD Gaming. Provided by Riot Games

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LGD Gaming fought tooth and nail for a shocking 2-0 upset over Invictus Gaming on Thursday to close out Week 10, Day 1 of the League of Legends Pro League in Shanghai.

Things looked good for LGD Gaming (4-11, 13-22 match record) in Game 1, as AD carry Gu "Imp" Seung-bin's Kennen picked up a double kill for first blood at five minutes in a 2-vs-2 outplay. With Imp holding four kills by the eight-minute mark and first tower gold, LGD were poised to snowball the game for a quick Game 1 win. That is not the LGD way, however, as it allowed Invictus to claw its way back with a 4-for-2 teamfight at 15 minutes. With the kill score even at 13 apiece by 24 minutes, it seemed like LGD was about to throw a dream start in the trash, but Imp would not be denied. Carrying LGD to an prolonged 5-for-0 ace and Baron kill at 30 minutes, LGD finally stepped up and took control of the late game. While Invictus mid laner Song "Rookie" Eui-jin's Syndra dealt a game-high 26,700 damage, Imp's early kills en route to a 9/4/8 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) was too much to overcome in the end as LGD took a 5-for-2 ace in iG's base to secure a 41-minute Game 1 win.

Invictus Gaming (7-8, 19-18 match record) seemed to get back on track in Game 2 as Rookie's Orianna picked up a stylish solo kill at six minutes for first blood, but LGD had other plans. Funneling resources into Imp's Ashe, LGD set up several successful ganks and dives in the bottom lane, pulling even in gold in the mid game. After a 3-for-1 bottom lane dive at 19 minutes, LGD kicked into high gear, taking a 2-for-1 fight and Baron kill a few minutes later on the back of mid laner and frequent meme target Wei "GodV" Zhen's Viktor, who dealt a game-high 16,000 damage while posting a 7/1/4 KDA for 79 percent kill participation. Using the Baron buff, LGD steamrolled through iG's defenses, taking a 5-for-1 teamfight win and closing out a surprisingly clean Game 2 win in just 26 minutes.

Invictus Gaming look to bounce back on Saturday as it faces OMG at 1 a.m ET, while LGD Gaming look to continue its winning form against Snake Esports at 7 a.m ET on Saturday.