Team WE leads Group B with win over Vici Gaming

Shin "Coco" Jin-yeong was on point for Newbee while Song "Rookie" Eui-jin failed to shoulder the burden of carrying Invictus Gaming. Provided by Riot Games

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During Week 10, Day 4 of the League of Legends Pro League, Team WE showed why it finished the regular season as the top team in Group B, taking a 2-0 sweep of Vici Gaming on Sunday in Shanghai.

In Game 1, Team WE (12-4, 25-12 match record) wasted little time in displaying its ability to make team plays, grouping early to kill Vici Gaming's bottom lane as a five-man unit. Vici top laner Zhu "Loong" Xiao-long looked strong on Kennen in the early game, but his usefulness fell off as WE had too many ways of disrupting his survivability during prolonged engagements. The game was close throughout the mid game and was tipping to VG's favor after a well-orchestrated 1-for-0 teamfight. However, Vici Gaming showed why it will be playing in the promotion tournament as it threw its advantage at Baron, getting clean aced 5-for-0. WE's pick-based team composition worked wonderfully, as WE ultimately picked up 20 kills to VG's 9 by the time it broke the Nexus for the Game 1 win.

When the teams loaded onto the Rift for Game 2, it seemed as though Vici Gaming (5-11, 13-24 match record) had found the answers to countering WE's aggressive style. Jungler Bae "Bengi" Seong-woong's Ivern arrived in the bottom lane at the perfect time to punish WE's early aggression and get first blood, but that lead didn't last for long. Team WE did not give up on the lane and returned to pressuring the turret, eventually taking the tower. After falling behind in gold for most of the early game, the Group B leaders accelerated throughout mid game and outclassed its opponents in tempo and objective selection. WE Mid laner Su "Xiye" Han-wei earned MVP honors on Taliyah by making plays around the map with his Weaver's Wall and immaculate teamfighting, finishing with a 6/0/5 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) for 79 percent kill participation. WE showed that it is ready for playoffs by cruising to a Game 2 win in under 30 minutes.