Ever8 sweeps MVP

The view from above at the 2016 League of Legends World Championship at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Riot Games

Ever8 opened the final day of Week 1 in the League of Legends Champions Korea with a commanding 2-0 sweep of MVP on Sunday in Seoul, South Korea.

MVP (1-1, 2-3 match record) took a teamfight-focused composition into Game 1, wasting no time putting that composition to the test by attempting to invade Ever8's jungle in level one shenanigans. What it seemed to forget, however, was that the Olaf of Ever8 jungler Kim "Malrang" Geun-seung and Syndra of mid laner Park "Cepted" Wi-rim are two of the best level one champions in the game. Ever8 (1-1, 3-2 match record) capitalized by securing two kills in this opening skirmish to set the tone for the game. By the time 10 minutes had passed, Cepted, who finished with a stellar 8/2/2 KDA (kills/deaths/assists), had picked up a total three kills to allow Ever8 to easily control the game from then on. It took some time, but Ever8 finally went for a pick in the late-game and picked up a 25-minute Baron kill. That was all it needed to fully take control over the game before locking up the win in 34 minutes.

Maintaining momentum from Game 1, Ever8 jumped out of the gate with a another big lead from the early moments of Game 2. It started with another strong draft, with highlights of Cepted's Cassiopeia and Ha "Comeback" Seung-chan's Galio support pick. Ever8 top laner Kwon "Helper" Young-jae's Rumble got the ball rolling with a solo kill on MVP top laner Kang "ADD" Gun-mo's Kennen just four minutes in before he roamed down to the bottom lane to help his team pick up two more kills. From this point on, Cepted once again took over the mid lane to give his team another huge advantage with flashy outplays. Needing just a single pick to lock up the Baron at 26 minutes, Ever8 easily coasted to the 28-minute win while managing to give up no kills, just one tower and a Cloud Drake. Cepted earned his second MVP of the night with his 4/0/7 performance in this breezy win.

Ever8 will look to continue its momentum against the Jin Air Green Wings on Wednesday at 4 a.m. ET, while MVP will hit the stage on Thursday to take on Samsung Galaxy on Thursday at 4 a.m.