G2 Esports show no mercy in EPL finals against North

Richard "shox" Papillon of G2 has seen immense improvements since giving up the shotcalling role on the team. Provided by Helena Kristiansson/ESL

The grand finals of the ESL Pro League Season 5 in Dallas, Texas concluded with a dominating finals performance from G2 Esports, who took down the Danes of North in a best-of-five series to be crowned ESL Pro League Season 5 Champions on Sunday.

The series kicked off on G2 Esports' map pick, Cache, with G2 striking early. G2 got the action started on the defense by overwhelming the opposition in the first two rounds for a quick 2-0 lead. However, North flipped the page and started a large run of their own with a five-round streak on the offense for a 5-3 lead. A few hiccups from North allowed G2 to pick up a few more rounds, but the Danes still closed the half with a 10-5 lead. G2 started the second half with a bang on the T-side, winning the second pistol and then two anti-eco's to shorten the get into a nice groove. Though North managed to pick up a few rounds, it was all G2 who dominated in the second half to win eleven rounds to take Map 1 16-13.

The best-of-five series then shifted to North's pick in hopes to even the series on Cobblestone. Despite it being North's pick, G2 shut down the Danes on the B-bombsite to take the pistol round following the first anti-eco. With another 2-0 start, G2 showed no mercy as North threw everything they could offensively at the opposition, but had no rounds to show for the efforts as G2 took a massive 12-3 lead at the half. North had a large agenda in the second half and started well on the defense to hold off for a 2-0 start. However, G2 spoiled the Danish momentum to close out Map 2 with a four-round streak to close the map with a 16-5 score.

The third map of the series could send North home or keep them alive in the series with a G2 pick of Overpass in their path. G2 had a rough start on the offensive side of Overpass and was unable to pierce through the tough defense of North, who took a 3-0 stance to open the map. North locked down the offense of G2 for an impressive first half performance with a 13-2 lead at the half. With North now favored to take Map 3, G2 quickly silenced critics with a defensive comeback to put the Danes on their heels. After North took the pistol, G2 came sprawling back with twelve rounds to come close to sending Map 3 into overtime, but the Danes remained composed and closed out Map 3 16-14 in a now 2-1 series.

Inferno was up next in the best-of-five series as North looked to even the series and force a decisive Map 5 for a shot to be crowned champions. However, North had a slow start on the offense to start things off and never really got anywhere as G2 crushed the offense for a 13-2 lead at the half. North went into the second half with a large deficit to tackle, but one round won in the half wasn't nearly enough to dent the confidence of G2. G2 remained a tough opponent and closed out the half with ease taking Map 4 with a dominating 16-3 win, to take home the ESL Pro League Season 5 Championship and its $225,000 grand prize.