Faker gets the best of Cepted as SKT dominates Ever8 in 2-0 sweep

Lee "Faker" Seong-hyuk and SK Telecom T1 have seen a rocky start in League Champions Korea. Provided by Riot Games

In a complete trouncing of a series, SK Telecom T1 ran right through Ever8 Winners on Saturday in a 2-0 sweep in Seoul, South Korea to close out Day 4 of Week 2 in League of Legends Champions Korea.

SKT decided to switch things up in this series by starting top laner Ui "Untara" Jin-Park in place of Seung "Huni" Hoon Heo and jungler Kang "Blank" Sun-gu in for Han "Peanut Wang-ho. The switch seemed questionable at first, as Untara's Rumble got taken down in an early gank for first blood. But that proved to be the only death for Untara in the game, as action slowed to a glacial pace before SKT (3-1, 6-3 match record) found its groove.

With almost 20 minutes of no bloodshed, Ever8 (1-3, 3-6 match record) did its best to stall the game and prevent SKT from getting any major objectives. It was only a matter of time, though, beforel the defending World Champions secured both the Elder Dragon and Baron late in the game, using the buffs to easily wrap up the 42-minute win.

While Game 1 didn't do much to satiate the anticipation of the vaunted mid lane matchup between Ever8 rookie Park "Cepted" Wi-Rim and SKT legend Lee "Faker" Seong-hyuk, Game 2 featured plenty of action between the two. Faker's Cassiopeia, with plenty of help from Blank's Lee Sin, took complete control over the mid lane from the very start of the game, shutting Cepted down almost immediately; both Blank and Faker each had two kills on Cepted before 10 minutes had passed.

At that point in the game, it was essentially over for Ever8 as SKT bullied the LCK newcomers across the map. Blank and Faker were quite the duo in the game, putting together an 11/1/5 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) between the two of them as SKT was unstoppable as it steamrolled its way to a lightning fast 22-minute win.

Ever8 will try to rebound from the stomping with a matchup against bbq Olivers on Wednesday at 7 a.m. ET, while SKT looks to continue this momentum against MVP Wednesday at 4 a.m. ET.