FlyQuest remains grounded as Immortals take a 2-1 win

Eugene "Pobelter" Park of Immortals. Provided by Riot Games

FlyQuest's losing streak continued on Saturday as it fell Immortals 2-1 in Week 2 of the North American League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split in Los Angeles.

The early stage of Game 1 was all about the diving buddies of mid laner Hai "Hai" Lam's Talon and top laner An "Balls" Le's Jarvan IV from FlyQuest. These two made team fights an absolute nightmare for the backline of Immortals, and claimed all of FLY's early kills. However, FLY ADC Jason "WildTurtle" Tran was pushed onto Ziggs to provide magic damage and looked uncomfortable, getting picked off time and again. As a result, Immortals was able to come back with a 40-minute team fight and Baron. IMT (3-1, 6-4 match record) then charged into the FlyQuest base to end the game in 47 minutes.

In Game 2 FlyQuest's tag team was Hai's Orianna paired with the Rengar of jungler Galen "Moon" Holgate. Less than four minutes in, Hai solo killed Eugene "Pobelter" Park's LeBlanc for first blood, justifying his unorthodox Ignite spell. Meanwhile, Moon's Rengar put in work throughout the mid game, finding numerous picks to eventually earn a 4/0/6 KDA (kills/deaths/assists). Although Moon was never actually used as a ball carrier for Hai's Shockwave, the two of them together provided an enormous threat onto the backline that gave FlyQuest (0-3, 1-6 match record) its first game win of the split in 33 minutes.

Game 3 looked like it would be WildTurtle's chance at redemption, as his Jhin found multiple early kills with his trademark aggressive Flashes. However, once again, he was caught out of position, giving over a 3-for-0 fight and Baron to Immortals at 26 minutes. From there, Jake "Xmithie" Puchero simply took over the game on the new-and-improved Zac. Every single engage was perfection from the IMT jungler as he demonstrated the power of the reworked ultimate, splitting up FlyQuest to take a 33-minute win and the series.