EDG charms Snake in 2-0 sweep

EDward Gaming breezed through Snake in Week 1 of the League Pro League. Provided by Riot Games

Week 1, Day 4 of the League Pro League kicked off with EDward Gaming quickly sweeping Snake Esports 2-0 on Sunday in Shanghai.

The drafting phase for both teams shaped up to be a little different than the usual meta with Snake Esports (0-1, 0-2 match record) putting mid laner Liu "Zz1tai" Zhi-Hao on Kled in the mid lane, while EDward Gaming jungler Ming "Clearlove" Kai locked in his signature Evelynn. EDG (1-1, 2-2 match record) started off on the right foot, making sure to pressure Snake all around the map. Snake kept up with the pressure at first, but it was only a matter of time before EDG began to crumble Snake's resolve by simply being persistent and forcing Snake to make desperate calls. Snake reacted by attempting Baron at the 21-minute mark, but Clearlove and company moved quickly to take 3 kills and the Baron to break open the Snake base with little effort. Snake was then powerless to stop as EDG took the final teamfight and secured the 29-minute rout.

Going into Game 2, Snake looked to keep Clearlove from snowballing and carrying EDG by spending three bans on jungle champions. EDG reacted to the pick composition of Snake by putting top laner Chen "Mouse" Yu-Hao on Kled and mid laner Lee "Scout" Ye-chan on Galio for a strong teamfighting combo. EDG got out to a lead early on by barely surviving some early skirmishes and turning them against Snake. Before long, Snake executed a four-man dive in the bot lane to earn two kills and a tower with little consequence, flipping the game on its head. EDG managed to even the game out by utilizing RIft Herald in the mid lane to take a teamfight victory and a tower, however. Similar to Game 1, Snake attempted an early Baron at the 25-minute mark, but a wary EDG reacted to take the Baron for itself. With its newfound buff, EDG relentlessly went at the Snake towers and base while eliminating any opposition that Snake set up. It was only a matter of time before EDG locked up the 32-minute win to secure the sweep.

Snake eSports will return to play DAN Gaming next Thursday at 6 a.m ET, while EDward Gaming will play the following game against I May at 9 a.m ET.