OMG defeats Suning Gaming 2-1 in the LPL

A League of Legends crowd gets hyped before a match. Provided by Riot Games

In a series full of surprising champion picks, OMG took down Suning Gaming 2-1 to open up Week 2, Day 2 of the League of Legends Pro League on Friday in Shanghai.

In traditional OMG (3-0, 6-2 match record) fashion, mid laner Xie "Icon" Tian-Yu picked up an early first blood as Jayce, snowballing OMG's pick composition out of control. OMG accrued a 3,000-gold lead at 15 minutes, which ballooned to 5,000 gold after a 25-minute 5-for-3 ace featuring a triple kill from Icon. OMG threatened to immediately throw that lead, though, giving SNG a 5-for-2 ace shortly after and a Baron kill. After a long late game lull, OMG powered up enough to break open SNG's defenses after securing a 36-minute Baron kill, taking an Elder Dragon at 41 minutes and a 5-for-0 ace in SNG's base to close out Game 1 in 43 minutes.

After taking Game 1, OMG apparently felt like trolling in Game 2 as AD carry Han "Smlz" Jin took Corki into the bottom lane, drafting a poorly built pick composition. Suning Gaming (0-2, 2-4 match record) responded by drafting a late-game focused pick comp of its own, which got ahead early thanks to brilliance from jungler Yang "H4cker" Zhi-Hao's Elise. Hitting a gorgeous Flash-Cocoon in the top lane for first blood at three minutes, H4cker was a dominant force all over the map, putting SNG ahead. With a 6,000-gold lead at 17 minutes, it seemed impossible for OMG to come back, especially with Smlz choosing to build crit rather than a traditional Triforce, effectively rendering him useless. Meanwhile, SNG AD carry Lee "Fury" Jin-yong landed several Enchanted Crystal Arrows as Ashe and finished with a game-high 20,900 damage dealt to enemy champions as a 28-minute Baron led to a Game 2 win for SNG in 34 minutes.

While the series had been sloppy up through Game 3, Icon went full solo-queue by picking Yasuo in the mid lane. Surprisingly, the move worked wonders. Gifted first blood at eight minutes, Icon quickly burst ahead of his SNG counterpart, building a massive lead for himself. In a low-kill farm fest, featuring only five kills by 30 minutes, OMG couldn't get anything done without Icon while he split pushed in side lanes. Once Icon grouped with the team, though, the effects were devastating, hitting big Last Breaths and giving Smlz's Caitlyn room to wreak havoc. As a result, Smlz dealt a game-high 23,200 damage to enemy champions and picked up a pair of triple kills at 30 and 37 minutes. Coupled with Icon's 4/0/6 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) for 83 percent kill participation, OMG took a final 5-for-2 ace at 37 minutes before flooding into SNG's base for the 39-minute win.

OMG now prepare for a Sunday matchup vs. LGD Gaming at 2 a.m. ET, while Suning Gaming will take on JD Gaming at 8 a.m. ET on Sunday.