Longzhu quickly dispatches MVP

A League of Legends crowd gets hyped before a match. Provided by Riot Games

Longzhu Gaming made quick work of MVP with a 2-0 sweep on Saturday in Seoul, South Korea to open up Day 4 of Week 3 in League of Legends Champions Korea.

In a battle of power picks, Longzhu (4-2, 10-5 match record) got the upperhand in the draft phase as jungler Moon "Cuzz" Woo-chan got his hands on Zac, despite MVP (1-5, 2-11 match record) picking up Galio for mid laner An "Ian" Jun-hyeong. With an extremely slow early game filled with farming, Longzhu finally found an early advantage to start scaling up and unlocking its potential. Action finally broke out 14 minutes in with three kills across the map for Longzhu, including a double from top laner Kim "Khan" Dong-ha's Rumble. While MVP picked up a couple kills and the Rift Herald a few minutes later, Longzhu simply shrugged it off with a Baron kill at the 22-minute mark, pushing towards a win. From then on, Cuzz used picture perfect Let's Bounces to serve up easy kills for his team, namely mid laner Kwak "Bdd" Bo-seong''s Lucian, who finished with a 6/0/4 KDA (kills/deaths/assists). MVP simply had no chance at a comeback as Longzhu teamfought its way to a swift 29-minute victory.

Both teams decided to leave the power picks at home for the second game of the series but that didn't stop Longzhu from dominating. Cuzz''s Lee Sin kicked off the slaughter with a gank in the mid lane to set up the first blood. Shortly after, Longzhu kicked off an incredible snowball with three kills all over the map to help set up a Rift Herald secure as well as two towers. Sensing that the game was slipping away, Ian somehow came up with an improbable Baron steal as Orianna to try and kickstart a comeback. It looked to be working with two quick kills for MVP, but it soon went south when Longzhu easily took a 4-for-0 teamfight in the bot lane to start setting up for the final push. Longzhu pushed every lane towards the base before picking up another big teamfight win to knock down all three Inhibitors to clear the way for a 37-minute win.

MVP will next hit the stage on Wednesday to try and break out of its slump in a matchup with the Afreeca Freecs at 7 a.m. ET, while Longzhu will face Ever8 Winners on Tuesday at 7 a.m. ET.