Samsung grabs sloppy 2-0 over Ever8 in the LCK

Lee "CuVee" Seong-jin is Gen.G's top laner. Provided by Riot Games

In a fairly sloppy series, Samsung Galaxy edged out Ever8 Winners in a 2-0 sweep on Sunday in Seoul, South Korea to close out Week 3 of League of Legends Champions Korea.

After drafting a teamfight-focused composition, Ever8 (1-5, 4-10 match record) quickly opened up Game 1 with a 3-for-0 about 10 minutes into the game for an early advantage. Ever8 settled into a lull in the midgame, though, which spelled bad news against Samsung's late scaling composition. While Ever8 finally started to push ahead with a couple Barons, Samsung AD carry Park "Ruler" Jae-hyuk's Caitlyn had already started growing into a beast. Ruler picked up kills all across the map, leading to a sneaky 42-minute Baron that completely flipped the game. Ruler simply pumped out too much damage for Ever8 to handle, finishing with 58,900 damage done to champions as Samsung (5-1, 11-4 match record) used the Baron buff to finish up the Game 1 win in 44 minutes.

Ever8, feeling like it needed extra firepower, went with Lucian in the mid lane for Park "Cepted" Wi-rim in a double AD carry composition. In the early game, that firepower wasn't even needed since it managed to dominate Samsung top laner Lee "CuVee" Seong-jin's Kled to the tune of three kills before 10 minutes. Once again, however, Ever8 didn't actually press for any further advantages, simply opting to slowly try and chip away at Samsung. This allowed Samsung to start picking up occasional kills to stick with Ever8 the entire way. Desperately trying to stay ahead, Ever8 picked up a 32-minute Baron, but lost two members in the ensuing fight, limiting the effectiveness of the buff. While Ever8 secured the next Baron as well, Samsung hung in the Baron pit and expertly waded through the teamfight to come out with a clutch 5-for-2 ace. Rather than try and push for small advantages, Samsung went for broke and pushed right into Ever8's base, focusing solely on trying to destroy the Nexus. Ever8 tried to stop the push after respawning, but Samsung had too much momentum, ending the 42-minute win to secure the series sweep.