Samsung Galaxy feasts upon bbq Olivers in 2-0 sweep

Jo "CoreJJ" Yong-in and Samsung Galaxy feasted upon bbq Olivers on Wednesday. Provided by Riot Games

Samsung Galaxy opened Week 4, Day 2 of the League of Legends Champions Korea summer split with a quick sweep victory over bbq Olivers on Wednesday in Seoul, South Korea.

The draft phase in Game 1 was highlighted by bbq Olivers (1-6, 4-13 match record) bringing a pick composition, while Samsung Galaxy (6-1, 13-5 match record) opted to a more teamfighting-focused composition. Samsung jumped to an early lead in the game after winning a 2-for-1 skirmish despite having the weaker sorts of champions for this type of fight. The lead for Samsung extended even further when bbq attempted an invade into the Samsung jungle at the nine-minute mark, but a quick collapse led to a 3-for-1 trade for Samsung. The game slowed down into the midgame, but Samsung retained its lead through strong lane control and map pressure. Samsung closed the game out after slaying the Baron at the 30-minute mark and forcing a teamfight to seamlessly knock down the bbq Nexus and go up 1-0 in the series.

Bbq learned from the last game and brought a teamfighting-focused composition to Game 2 while Samsung decided to switch it up and bring a early/late hybrid snowball composition. Game 2 was a much quieter affair in the first 10 minutes, with both teams opting to play it safer and not take any early skirmishes. Bbq took a kill lead due to a quick commitment to stop dives and punish invades, but superior farming and map rotations allowed Samsung to build a 2,500-gold lead 15 minutes in. With strong control over the map, Samsung took down the Baron off the back of a 3-for-0 teamfight victory at 21 minutes. Samsung forced another teamfight with a built-up minion wave to take down two inhibitors to start breaking down bbq's base shortly thereafter. Within the next two minutes, Samsung kept on pushing and swiftly took down bbq's Nexus in a 28-minute rout.

Bbq Olivers will return to the Rift on Saturday to play KT Rolster at 5 a.m ET, while Samsung Galaxy will return to professional play on Sunday to play Jin Air Green Wings at 8 a.m ET.