Afreeca Freecs storms back to defeat MVP

Afreeca Freecs overcame first blood and a Game 2 deficit to earn a 2-0 sweep over MVP. Provided by Riot Games

MVP's summer split woes continued on Wednesday when it was swept by the Afreeca Freecs to close out Week 4, Day 2 League of Legends Champions Korea play in Seoul, South Korea.

In Game 1, both teams showed up to the draft ready to fight with heavy teamfight-focused compositions. Despite these compositions, the first 10 minutes of the game were quiet and the gold was nearly dead even despite MVP (1-6, 2-13 match record) taking first blood. The two teams took it slow until the 22-minute mark when Afreeca Freecs (4-3, 11-9 match record) rushed down the Baron and took a Could Drake to add insult to injury. MVP didn't show much resistance to any Afreeca push at any point in the game. After taking down two inhibitors with the Baron buff, Afreeca forced a teamfight that resulted in a 4-for-0 victory and the MVP Nexus followed seconds later to close out the 29-minute win.

Game 2 was more of the same in terms of team compositions with both teams looking to fight early and often. MVP was far more aggressive early on, putting pressure in all three lanes to get first tower and first blood within the first 10 minutes. MVP continued to look for fights and kept pushing lanes, but superior farming by Afreeca kept the gold lead for MVP around 2,500. Through 25 minutes, MVP was up by six kills, but a 2-for-1 mid lane teamfight gave Afreeca some breathing room. Soon after, the Freecs managed to find four kills and a Baron at the 33-minute mark to get its first gold lead of the game. Afreeca then initiated a textbook Baron-empowered push in the mid lane to ace MVP and complete the 2-0 series sweep with a 38-minute win.

MVP will look for its second series victory on Saturday against ROX Tigers at 5 a.m. ET, while Afreeca Freecs will play a tough match against Longzhu Gaming on Sunday at 8 a.m. ET.