WE tops EDward Gaming in premiere LPL match

Provided by Riot Games

In the marquee matchup so far in Group A of the League of Legends Pro League, Team WE took down EDward Gaming by a 2-1 score to close out Week 3, Day 3 on Saturday in Shanghai.

EDward Gaming (3-2, 7-4 match record) looked dominant in Game 1, drafting a high-pressure pick comp which gave Zac to jungler Ming "Clearlove" Kai. Securing first blood at five minutes, Clearlove bounced around the map with ease, locking up kills for EDG everywhere he went. With a 2,200-gold lead at 13 minutes, EDG accelerated into the mid game, where its splitpushing threat and engage potential gave it total objective control. Securing a Baron kill at 23 minutes, EDG had grown its gold lead to 6,000 gold by 24 minutes, converting on consistent Enchanted Crystal Arrows hit by AD carry Hae "Zet" Sung-min's Ashe as he finished with a flawless 5/0/7 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) for 92 percent kill participation. Using the Baron buff to flood into WE's base, EDG easily took a 4-for-0 fight, finishing the Game 1 win in 28 minutes.

In Game 2, Team WE (4-1, 9-4 match record) took its turn drafting a 1-3-1 splitpushing composition, jumping ahead when jungler Xiang "Condi" Ren-Jie's Lee Sin secured first blood at 11 minutes. This lead wouldn't last, however, as EDG clawed its way back through midgame picks, led by Clearlove's Kha'Zix with a 5/1/2 KDA at 24 minutes for 100 percent kill participation. EDG appeared to have the game wrapped up with a 2-for-1 teamfight win and Baron kill at 28 minutes, using the buff to take the top and mid lane inhibitors, but WE made a miraculous stop with a 4-for-0 fight at 33 minutes in the bottom lane. With AD carry Jin "Mystic" Seong-jun's Caitlyn picking up all the gold he needed to shred through EDG's squishy team composition, WE regained control late in Game 2, taking a 3-for-0 and Baron kill at 35 minutes to put itself ahead for good. After a final quadra kill for Mystic, as part of his game-high 43,900 damage dealt to enemy champions, WE completed the 5-for-1 ace to complete the 40-minute comeback win.

Team WE looked unstoppable in Game 3 with a "Protect the Kog'Maw" team composition built around Mystic's Kog'Maw, jumping ahead as Condi's Rengar secured first blood in the top lane at just three minutes. Prowling around EDG's jungle to counter-jungle camps and pick off stragglers, Condi was instrumental in putting WE ahead with a 5,300-gold lead at 15 minutes. EDG's weaker teamfighting composition had no answer, allowing WE to take a 21-minute Baron and use the buff to shove down the mid lane on the back of a triple kill from Mystic. Condi put the finishing touches on a clean 5-for-0 ace, en route to a 4/0/8 KDA for 93 percent kill participation, and Team WE closed out the series with a dominant win in just under 25 minutes.

Team WE next takes to the Rift to battle LGD Gaming on Friday at 8 a.m. ET, while EDward Gaming prepare for a monumental clash against Royal Never Give Up on Sunday at 8 a.m. ET.