Samsung overcomes tough start versus Ever8, earns 2-0 sweep

CoreJJ and Samsung Galaxy got off to a rough start but rebounded for a 2-0 win on Tuesday. Provided by Riot Games

Week 6, Day 1 of the League of Legends Champions Korea saw Ever8 Winners get swept 2-0 by Samsung Galaxy on Tuesday in Seoul, South Korea.

Ever8 Winners (1-10, 6-20 match record) came into Game 1 as a massive underdog against Samsung Galaxy (9-2, 19-8 match record), which drafted a teamfighting composition similar to its compositions at RIft Rivals. Ever8 came out of the gate at a blistering pace, amassing a 4,700-gold lead at 20 minutes through kills and heavy objective control. Samsung, on the other hand, looked as confused as any team could be, unable to exert any pressure on the map. Ever8 continued to press its advantage, but staunch resistance from Samsung prevented Ever8 from doing too much damage later in the game. Ever8 wasted precious time in failing to close out, allowing Samsung to grow in strength. After pushing too hard in the mid lane around the 39-minute mark, Samsung punished Ever8, securing an Elder Dragon and Baron kill to swing momentum in its favor. Samsung wasted no time in pushing lanes into Ever8's base, eventually closing out Game 1 with an ace.

Samsung kept its teamfighting style for Game 2 while Ever8 brought a difficult splitpush draft with top laner Kim "Kiin" Ki-in splitpushing as Fiora. Samsung's strong start set the tone for Game 2, mounting a 4,500-gold lead by 20 minutes. Ever8 fell far behind in gold due to losing in kills and farm in every lane, as well as Samsung's superior rotations and macro play. After taking a free Baron at the 23-minute mark, Samsung was empowered all over the map while Ever8 could do little more than watch. Samsung toyed with Ever8, bouncing around the map to increase its lead before closing out the series with little resistance at 29 minutes, taking a strong 2-0 sweep.

Samsung Galaxy comes back to play SK Telecom 1 on Thursday at 7 a.m. ET, while Ever8 will play its next game against kt Rolster on Sunday at 7 a.m. ET.