Surprise Yasuo not enough for Jin Air Green Wings to beat KT Rolster

Go "Score" Dong-bin of KT Rolster had a strong performance in Game 3 to help his team secure a match victory over Jin Air Green Wings. Provided by Yong Woo 'kenzi' Kim

KT Rolster defeated Jin Air Green Wings in a wild 2-1 series win Wednesday in Seoul, South Korea, to end Week 6, Day 2 of the League of Legends Champions Korea summer split.

Game 1 saw Jin Air Green Wings (5-6, 13-13 match record) and KT Rolster (8-3, 18-10 match record) mirror one another with a quiet start. The first 15 minutes were largely uneventful, with only three kills between the teams as neither squad found solid footing over the other.

The first real teamfight took place near the 28-minute mark, when KT jungler Go "Score" Dong-bin's Nidalee took Baron from Jin Air with a well-timed Smite, stealing the game from Jin Air's grasp. KT took its time in building on its lead, securing a second Baron before a final ace gave KT the Game 1 win.

KT's hypercarry draft, built around Kim "Deft" Hyeok-gyu on Kog'Maw and Heo "PawN" Won-seok on Cassiopeia, looked to be a major late game threat in Game 2, so Jin Air fought fire with fire by putting top laner Kim "SoHwan" Jun-yeong on Yasuo to counter. Neither team could earn a lead greater than 500 gold within the first 20 minutes, despite proactive play around the map.

Jin Air managed to take down four members of KT to earn it the first Baron, but nothing tangible came during the ensuing buff. KT took down the second Baron at the 35-minute mark, swinging control in its favor and as it secured an Elder Dragon. After losing two inhibitors, Jin Air was forced to frantically defend its exposed Nexus against wave after wave of KT aggression. Unfortunately for KT (and solo queue), SoHwan came alive in the late game, blocking KT's damage with his Wind Wall and repeatedly diving the backline, giving Jin Air a miraculous 4-for-1 teamfight win. Despite losing everything but its Nexus, Jin Air made the comeback a reality, ending Game 2 in just under an hour in the longest LCK game of the summer.

The draft for KT in Game 3 featured high-damage champions like Rumble, Taliyah and Kalista, and in response Jin Air decided to continue its surprise picks by selecting Warwick for jungler Um "UmTi" Sung-hyeon. Unfortunately for JAG, KT only seemed angry after dropping Game 2, snowballing early in the game by finding eight kills and building a 6,000-gold lead by 15 minutes in.

KT's dominant map pressure allowed it to take Baron soon after it spawned at the 20-minute mark with little resistance. With its buff, KT broke down two inhibitors while picking off any members of Jin Air who dared to overextend. KT played it safe and took down another Baron 27 minutes in, flooding into Jin Air's base and dispatching its opponents en route to closing out the series in just 29 minutes. KT Rolster only suffered a single death in the final game, with Score posting a 4/0/11 kills/deaths/assists scoreline as Rek'Sai.

Jin Air Green Wings will return to the Rift to play bbq Olivers at 4 a.m. ET Saturday. KT Rolster play Ever8 Winners at 7 a.m. ET Sunday.