Team WE slogs through sweep of JD Gaming

Team WE was methodical in its approach to a 2-0 sweep of LD Gaming on Saturday in Shanghai. Provided by Riot Games

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Team WE took its sweet time taking down JD Gaming on Saturday but closed out Week 5, Day 3 of the League of Legends Pro League with a 2-0 sweep in Shanghai.

JD Gaming (2-7, 8-15 match record) had a dream draft in Game 1 with mid laner Kim "doinb" Tae-sang on Karma in a potent siege composition, but it didn't matter much. Team WE picked up first blood when jungler Xiang "Condi" Ren-Jie's Lee Sin took doinb down for first blood at five minutes, and the early lead powered up Team WE's potent frontline-heavy teamfighting draft.

After Team WE (6-2, 14-7 match record) took a 3-for-0 fight at 23 minutes, it secured the first Baron kill of the game and used the buff to earn a modest gold lead. Heading into the later stages of the contest, JDG seemed unable to stop WE's momentum, but WE's inability to land a decisive knockout blow made this game go much later than expected. A 10,000-gold lead at 35 minutes had ballooned even further by the time WE secured its third Baron of the game at 42 minutes, led by Condi, who posted a 5/1/17 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) for 92 kill participation. After taking a fourth Baron at 49 minutes, Team WE finally picked up a decisive teamfight win in JDG's base and closed out Game 1 in 50 minutes.

Team WE statistically dominated Game 1 but found itself struggling in Game 2 despite a strong draft. While Team WE held a 3-to-1 kill lead at 10 minutes, JD Gaming's "protect the Kog'Maw" playstyle was tough to beat in the mid game, and the underdogs pulled closer and closer to Team WE's gold lead at the 15-minute mark. JDG got its first major breakthrough at 20 minutes, winning a 2-for-0 teamfight in Team WE's top side jungle, which led to a free Baron kill. JDG used the Baron buff to take down WE structures and built a modest gold lead through split-pushing, but disaster struck at 31 minutes.

JDG might've started the Baron, but Condi's Jarvan IV stole the kill while AD carry Jin "Mystic" Seong-jun's Twitch picked up a triple kill in a 4-for-0 teamfight win for WE. Team WE pushed down the mid lane and ended the game in 31 minutes.

JD Gaming will next face EDward Gaming on Thursday at 5 a.m. ET, while Team WE will square off against OMG on July 22 at 8 a.m. ET.