ROX Tigers bounce back, sweep MVP

The crowd at the 2015 League of Legends World Championship finals. Provided by Riot Games

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ROX Tigers bounced back from a tough loss against the Afreeca Freecs earlier in the week with a 2-0 sweep over MVP on Sunday in Seoul, South Korea, to open Week 6, Day 5 of League of Legends Champions Korea.

Neither team got an edge in terms of the pick-ban phase in Game 1, which led to a passive early game, with the first blood not coming until 13 minutes for ROX. Over the next 15 minutes, ROX (5-7, 14-16 match record) started picking up kills all across the map, which allowed it to pick up an early Baron at 22 minutes for a nice lead.

Despite the big advantages for ROX earlier on, ROX's teamfighting in the late game was a bit suspect, as MVP (2-10, 5-21 match record) started to slowly creep its way back in the game. By the 43-minute mark, the game was just about dead even in gold, even with ROX having a sizable 10-to-4 advantage in towers. The lack of late-game damage from ROX reared its ugly head in the form of MVP taking yet another fight and Baron 45 minutes in to take a late lead.

Against all odds, and despite MVP's champions having the edge in the late game, the minions of ROX simply knocked away at MVP's base, which allowed ROX to come away with a sneaky 50-minute win.

MVP came out in the second game with a straight-up teamfighting composition that completely fell flat on its face. Despite having the only three kills in the game by the 20-minute mark, MVP crumbled under the pick potential of ROX from that point onward. ROX finally got on the board at the 20-minute mark with two kills and a Baron and never looked back. MVP tried to initiate a fight in the mid-game, desperate to make something happen, but wound up surrendering four kills, an inhibitor and a Nexus turret as ROX broke the game wide open. A single pick a few minutes later was all that ROX needed to finally push into MVP's base to lock up the breezy 31-minute victory to close out the game.

Both teams will be back in action Wednesday, with MVP matching up against KT Rolster at 4 a.m. ET and ROX facing Ever8 Winners at 7 a.m. ET.