EDward Gaming destroys OMG in battle of top teams

EDward Gaming jungler Ming "Clearlove7" Kai and his team made a statement with their 2-0 sweep of OMG during Week 5 of the League of Legends Pro League. Provided by Riot Games

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EDward Gaming showed the world who rules the League of Legends Pro League in Shanghai, knocking off the previously undefeated OMG on Sunday with a 2-0 sweep to close out Week 5, Day 4.

EDward Gaming (6-2, 13-4 match record) came firing out of the gates in Game 1 with a potent teamfighting composition, but the draft didn't play much into EDG's victory. Jungler Ming "Clearlove7" Kai's Rek'Sai was seemingly omnipresent throughout the series, taking over the early game with ease as he picked up first blood at three minutes.

OMG seemed taken aback by EDG's relentless pressure. EDG picked up five kills before the 10-minute mark. Even through a mid-game lull, it still held complete control over the map, leading to an easy 2-for-0 and Baron kill at 25 minutes. By this time, EDG's focus on the mid lane had put mid laner Lee "Scout" Ye-chan's Kassadin far ahead, giving him the gold he needed to take over the late stages of the game.

With Scout picking up a quadra kill in OMG's base around 29 minutes, en route to his game-high 12,900 damage dealt to enemy champions alongside a flawless 8/0/2 KDA (kills/deaths/assists), EDG smashed Game 1 in under 30 minutes.

Game 2 saw EDG draft a similar team composition to Game 1, and again Clearlove7's Rek'Sai dominated the early game. Things went from bad to worse for OMG (6-1, 12-5 match record) when a 5-vs-5 teamfight went 4-for-2 in EDG's favor at six minutes, which led to a 3,500-gold lead for EDG at 10 minutes.

OMG started to find some kills of its own throughout the mid-game, but Scout again came up big for EDG, with a triple kill in a 5-for-3 ace at the 18-minute mark. After EDG rushed a sneaky Baron kill at 26 minutes, it was all but over. EDG's superior teamfighting and early advantages paid off as its members rushed down an exposed Nexus at 32 minutes, completing a huge 2-0 sweep in dominating fashion.

EDward Gaming will next face JD Gaming at 5 a.m. ET on Thursday, while OMG look to bounce back with a series against Snake Esports on Thursday at 8 a.m. ET.