KT Rolster thwarts Ever8 Winners upset bid

Go "Score" Dong-bin of KT Rolster wreaked havoc on Ever8 Winners with his Zac play in Game 1 of their series Sunday in Seoul, South Korea. Provided by Yong Woo 'kenzi' Kim

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KT Rolster emerged the 2-1 victor of a hard-fought series against Ever8 Winners on Sunday in Seoul, South Korea, to close out Week 6 of League of Legends Champions Korea.

Ever8 (1-11, 7-22 match record) essentially lost the opening game of this series in the pick-ban phase, as it gave up both Zac and LeBlanc to KT. KT jungler Go "Score" Dong-bin used Zac to lock down members of Ever8 left and right while mid laner Heo "PawN" Won-seok's LeBlanc terrorized the Rift by racking up kill participation across the map.

KT (9-3, 20-11 match record) utilized both of these champions to find seven kills before 13 minutes for an early 6,000-gold lead. As the game progressed, there was simply nothing that Ever8 could do to stop KT from doing whatever it wanted. Even a late ace from Ever8 wasn't enough to stop KT, which picked up the win in just 27 minutes.

While Ever8 had a poor draft in Game 1, it got one over on KT in the second draft by picking up Aurelion Sol for mid laner Park "Cepted" Wi-Rim. KT started well with another early lead, but even when it was ahead, Cepted was picking up consistent kills to keep Ever8 right on the cusp of a comeback. KT picked up some big teamfight wins on the back of precise Weaver's Walls from PawN's Taliyah, though that didn't stop Ever8 from showing a resilience that has rarely been seen from the team all split.

It all came to a head when Cepted, who finished with an 8/1/5 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) picked up a triple kill during a 4-for-1 teamfight that obliterated KT and allowed Ever8 to come away with the 46-minute win.

Clearly infuriated by its loss in Game 2, KT came out with a vengeance in the final game of this series and immediately got to work with three kills in the first 10 minutes that it parlayed into a 4,000-gold lead by 17 minutes. While KT did overextend heavily on a dive at the 21-minute mark to give up an ace to Ever8, KT quickly rebounded to shut down Ever8 in the aftermath and took a Baron at 24 minutes. That buff was all KT needed to break open the Ever8 base and eventually find a 5-for-1 ace to secure the 29-minute win.

Ever8 will next face the ROX Tigers on Wednesday at 7 a.m. ET, while KT will look for another win with a matchup with MVP the same day at 4 a.m. ET.