Team EnVyUs reverse sweeps Echo Fox in the NA LCS

AD Carry Apollo taking an interview after a game. Provided by Riot Games

Team EnVyus capped off Day 3, Week 6 of the North American League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split with a 2-1 reverse sweep of Echo Fox in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Game 1 was close up until the 20-minute mark when Echo Fox took a Baron buff and quickly ran away with a lead. Leading up to the play, EnVy was overextended and got collapsed on, losing the skirmish 3-0 and allowing Echo Fox to take Baron as soon as it spawned. Echo Fox then spread EnVy's defense thin as it knocked down all of the outer turrets on its first Baron power play, preparing to take the game. While EnVy's team composition was stacked with tools to engage, it struggled to coordinate a good 5-vs-5 teamfight as it was split up to defend against Echo Fox's push onto its half of the Rift. A second Baron power play was all Echo Fox needed to knock down the rest of EnVy's structures and take a lead in the series.

Echo Fox began to switch up its lineup for Game 2, subbing in three people from the bench including jungler Matthew "Akaadian" Higginbotham. Team EnVyUs drafted a composition with plenty of tools to secure picks and came out swinging. Skirmishes constantly broke out around the middle lane early as EnVy played out is strategy, picking apart Echo Fox and scoring the first five kills without an answer. If it wasn't AD carry Apollo "Apollo" Price's Ashe landing Enchanted Crystal Arrow from the fog of war to find picks, it was mid laner Yasin "Nisqy" Dincer ghosting in on Syndra and blowing someone up with Unleashed Power. Echo Fox started to respect EnVy's pick potential as it cleared minion wave after minion wave under turrets, trying to buy time for its damage dealers to catch up. Echo Fox eventually slipped up, however, giving up a Baron kill before getting chased down and slaughtered, losing 4-for-0. In the end, there was little resistance from Echo Fox as EnVy evened up the series at one apiece.

Echo Fox brought back its Game 1 roster for the deciding match, but it didn't matter much in the end. Game 3 had a quiet start as both teams passively farmed on their slow scaling team compositions. EnVy was first to pull the trigger as it sent everyone into the top lane and secure first blood 16 minutes in. EnVy slowly pressed its advantage across the Rift and, after securing its second Baron buff, put together one final push to finish off the series. Echo Fox's roster shuffle in Week 6 didn't pan out well as its took a 1-4 match record with starting lineups that left its star mid laner Henrik "Froggen" Hansen on the bench.