KT Rolster cruises in sweep of struggling MVP

KT Rolster took its time in a Game 1 win against MVP but hit the gas and decimated its opponent in Game 2 for a clean sweep Wednesday. Provided by Riot Games

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KT Rolster dominated MVP in a quick 2-0 series Wednesday in Seoul, South Korea, to open up Week 7, Day 2 of League of Legends Champions Korea.

In a lengthy Game 1 that saw five different players deal more than 35,000 damage to champions, KT (10-3, 22-11 match record) eventually came out with the win. With KT jungler Go "Score" Dong-bin picking a surprise Skarner, KT looked to show off on the Rift with the off-meta pick.

The early game was somewhat slow, but KT managed to take a lead and stay ahead through occasional picks across the map. Two such picks at the 31-minute mark allowed KT to finally pick up the first Baron and start to push for an eventual win.

Despite picking up a second Baron as soon as it spawned, however, KT started to play a bit cautiously with its lead. MVP capitalized on this and got a Baron and Elder Dragon of its own, but once the late game fights began again, KT top laner Song "Smeb" Kyung-ho's Rumble used his Equalizer ultimate to great effect and locked down members of MVP for his teammates to easily execute. That final 3-for-1 was enough to open MVP's base for KT to secure the 52-minute win.

With MVP (2-11, 5-23 match record) trying to go with a poke/siege composition, KT drafted a pick-focused composition of its own, which did serious work in Game 2. After the teams traded kills in the first few minutes of the game, KT started securing picks all over the map to find an 8,000-gold lead by the 20-minute mark of the game.

MVP had zero vision on the map, which allowed KT to pick up a free Baron at 24 minutes. Using the buff, KT pushed into MVP's base and found an ace thanks to superb mechanical outplays by mid laner Heo "PawN" Won-seok's Taliyah, and KT almost won the game right there and then. That final push came shortly afterward and wrapped up a clean 2-0 sweep for KT.

KT faces the Afreeca Freecs at 4 a.m. ET on Sunday to try and take a fourth straight series victory. MVP, meanwhile, is still searching for its third series victory of the split and will try to get it at 4 a.m. ET on on Saturday against Samsung Galaxy.