Four in a row: SKT's skid continues against Longzhu

SK Telecom T1 broke its losing streak with a clean sweep of Ever8 Winners on Wednesday in Seoul, South Korea. Provided by Riot Games

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The struggles are now very much real for SK Telecom T1, as Week 7, Day 3 of League of Legends Champions Korea kicked off with SKT being swept for the fourth series in a row. Longzhu Gaming was the culprit Thursday in Seoul, South Korea.

SKT (9-5, 18-13 match record) drafted a teamfight-centric composition, but it left open two patch 7.13 power picks in Taliyah and Kalista. Longzhu Gaming (10-3, 22-10 match record) took advantage of SKT's mistake and locked both in to spearhead its squad.

The first 15 minutes saw relatively little fighting around the map, but Longzhu established a 1,500-gold lead by winning the few fights that had taken place. The teams ramped up the fighting going into the mid-game in an effort to assert map control in preparation for the first Baron, but Longzhu kept its advantage.

Longzhu took a 4-for-1 teamfight in the 25th minute, which led to a free Baron and map pressure that SKT couldn't match. Longzhu effectively used its Baron buff to push into SKT's base, and a subsequent 4-for-0 teamfight win at the 31-minute mark gave Longzhu the Game 1 win.

Game 2 saw SKT draft a teamfight composition centered on protecting its AD carries, with mid laner Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok locking in as Karma and support Lee "Wolf" Jae-wan playing Lulu. But SKT again left Taliyah and Kalista on the board, and Longzhu took advantage of the mistake.

Longzhu again came out ahead with a 1,000-gold lead in the first 15 minutes thanks to a small kill and tower advantages and took back-to-back teamfight victories that led to a free Baron at the 25-minute mark. SKT showed little resistance to the Longzhu push, instead opting to play it safe. Just a short while later, Longzhu would use one final push, aided by a gaggle of minions, to knock down the rest of SKT's objectives to pick up a fairly routine 2-0 sweep.

Longzhu Gaming will close out its week against Ever8 Winners at 7 a.m. ET Saturday, and SK Telecom T1 will look to break its losing streak against Ever8 Winners at 7 a.m. ET Wednesday.