JD Gaming stood no chance against EDward Gaming in the LPL

Chen "Mouse" Yu-Hao, formerly Edward Gaming's top laner. Provided by Riot Games

Week 6 of the League of Legends Pro League began with a predictable result as EDward Gaming smashed JD Gaming in a 2-0 sweep on Thursday in Shanghai.

JD Gaming did well to pick up first blood in the mid lane, trying to snowball mid laner Kim "doinb" Tae-sang's Orianna, but EDG responded with persistent pressure in the mid lane. Killing doinb three times by 13 minutes, EDward Gaming used its potent engage composition to shut doinb down, snowballing ahead after a huge 5-for-3 teamfight around the Rift Herald featuring a stunning triple kill from mid laner Lee "Scout" Ye-chan's Taliyah. Picking up a Baron kill just after it spawned at 20 minutes, EDG took its time in methodically demolishing JDG's defenses while JDG's teamfighting composition simply couldn't do enough damage to even phase EDG. With an 11,000-gold lead at 25 minutes, all it took was one short 5-for-0 fight a minute later for EDG to take a commanding Game 1 win.

Just like in Game 1, JD Gaming took first blood for its teamfighting composition, lost first tower gold, and eventually got flattened by EDG's engage. After Scout's Cassiopeia picked up a solo kill on doinb's Karma, JDG's spirit seemed broken, especially after a triple kill from EDG top laner Chen "Mouse" Yu-Hao's Camille swung a 14-minute teamfight in EDG's favor. JDG simply had no idea how to deal with Mouse's splitpushing, allowing him to take two top lane towers and expose the inhibitor at 18 minutes in exchange for just an Infernal Drake. Perhaps growing bored, EDG took a 4-for-0 fight at 20 minutes, picking up Baron and snowballing ahead. With a gold lead of around 11,000 gold at 28 minutes, there was nothing that JDG could do to stop EDG as it picked up a second Baron kill before closing out Game 2 in around 30 minutes.