With sweep of bbq Olivers, Samsung Galaxy remains No. 1 in LCK

The League of Legends crowd plays with thunder sticks. Provided by Riot Games

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Samsung Galaxy kept its first-place standing in League of Legends Champions Korea on Thursday by convincingly sweeping bbq Olivers to close out Week 7, Day 3 in Seoul, South Korea.

Game 1 saw Samsung Galaxy (11-2, 23-8 match record) and bbq Olivers (3-11, 9-24 match record) decide to draft similar heavy teamfighting compositions. The first 20 minutes of the game had very little fighting, though, as Samsung established a 1,700-gold lead due to better farm and objective control.

The game continued to be quiet, but Samsung managed to force a 3-for-0 teamfight victory at the 26-minute mark. After quickly taking down Baron, Samsung pushed out every lane while whittling down the health bars of bbq. Tossing aside rash notions of ending the game on little health, Samsung fell back, healed up and then marched into the enemy base a short while later for a Game 1 victory.

In Game 2, bbq looked to break out of its losing cycle by getting aggressive early. Although Samsung was down two kills after 15 minutes, the team was up 200 gold thanks to farming advantages and first tower gold. Bbq tried to force fights, a far cry from its typical play style, but Samsung punished bbq's over-extensions and created a larger gold gap between the two teams.

Bbq nearly took the game over at the 22-minute mark when it surprised Samsung near the Baron pit, but Samsung managed to escape the fight without suffering any casualties. Then in the 27th minute, as bbq cleared minion waves, Samsung rushed Baron, got the buff and quickly moved to take down all three bbq inhibitors. With the advantage in hand, Samsung forced a teamfight and took down the bbq Nexus to secure the 2-0 sweep.

Samsung Galaxy will return to the Rift at 4 a.m. ET on Saturday to play MVP, while bbq will face MVP at 4 a.m. ET on Wednesday.