Longzhu Gaming makes quick work of Ever8 Winners

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Longzhu Gaming made quick work of Ever8 Winners on Saturday in Seoul, South Korea, with a 2-0 victory to close out Week 7, Day 4 of League of Legends Champions Korea.

Longzhu (11-3, 24-10 match record) came into the first game with a heavy engage composition and put it to good use early on. While Ever8 (2-12, 9-24 match record) did manage to pick up first blood at four minutes, Longzhu picked up the first tower gold soon after to take a slight gold lead. Longzhu followed that up with a beautiful engagement in the bottom lane at 10 minutes where it found four kills, led by a double kill from AD carry Kim "PraY" Jong-in's Tristana.

It was a while before the next teamfight broke out, but Longzhu continued to pick up neutral objectives all game long to build a sizable lead, which grew out of control once Longzhu won another 4-for-0 fight at 23 minutes to also lock up the Baron. After picking up all three inhibitors with the buff, Longzhu walked into Ever8's base to put the finishing touches on the 27-minute win.

Longzhu clearly wanted this series over with in a hurry, as it drafted an early game focused team composition for Game 2. While the draft was certainly risky, as Longzhu lacked significant late game damage, it ended up not mattering since Ever8 was wholly unprepared for Longzhu. After picking up two kills in the first six minutes of the game, Longzhu shifted to a more objective-focused approach that grew its lead exponentially going into the midgame.

Before it had even secured Baron at the 21-minute mark, Longzhu had amassed a 7,000-gold lead. All the while, Ever8 couldn't make anything go its way in what ended up being a perfect game for Longzhu. The Baron buff helped Longzhu break into Ever8's base to set up for the win as one final push saw PraY pick up a triple kill on Kalista as Longzhu raised Ever8's base for the 26-minute win. With the win, Longzhu has now jumped past Samsung Galaxy for first place in the LCK.

Longzhu will next see action against ROX Tigers at 7 a.m. ET on Tuesday, while Ever8 has a date with the struggling SK Telecom T1 at 7 a.m. ET on Wednesday.