Jin Air fly high against ROX Tigers

Jin Air Green Wings swept ROX Tigers 2-0 during League Champions Korea. Provided by Riot Games

Jin Air Green Wings closed out the final day of Week 7 in League of Legends Champions Korea with a commanding 2-0 sweep of the ROX Tigers on Sunday in Seoul, South Korea.

ROX (5-9, 14-20 match record) put itself in quite the hole from the start, as it gave up Elise to Jin Air, which certainly came back to haunt the Tigers as the game progressed. Jin Air jungler Um "UmTi" Sung-hyeon used that Elise to pick up the first blood just a few minutes in, and before 10 minutes had passed, Jin Air (7-7, 16-15 match record) found another kill to form an early lead. Over the next few minutes, Jin Air just continued to rack up the kills and neutral objectives all over the map. Once it picked up the Baron at 23 minutes, it had amassed a 10,000-gold lead, which only grew as the buff lingered. While Jin Air continued picking up kills in the mid-game, ROX simply had nowhere near enough damage to really make much of a difference in teamfights. One last 5-for-1 teamfight win gave Jin Air all it needed to secure the 28-minute win. ROX only found two kills to the 13 of Jin Air.

Game 2 would wind up being a marathon. Jin Air jumped out of the gate with a sizeable lead in the early game, picking up three kills and four towers by 17 minutes. A slight slip up in vision a few minutes later allowed ROX to pick up a 25-minute Baron to bring the team within 1,000 gold of Jin Air. The Green Wings were unfazed, however, continuing to keep control over the map with periodic kills to rebuild a bit of a lead. Jin Air finally got back into the lead around 41 minutes when it picked up the Elder Dragon, and then stole the Baron when ROX tried to trade neutral objectives. The play essentially broke the back of ROX and gave Jin Air enough space to push for the win. While it took another Baron and 14 more minutes, Jin Air still pushed ROX into the dirt with the 55-minute win.

Both teams will have their work cut out against Longzhu Gaming next week, with ROX facing the league leaders on Tuesday at 7 a.m. ET and Jin Air taking on the task on Thursday at 7 a.m. ET.