Suning Gaming rocks EDG in a clean sweep

Suning Gaming upset EDward Gaming in Week 6 of the LPL. Provided by Riot Games

Week 6, Day 4 of League of Legends Pro League kicked off Sunday with Suning Gaming shocking EDward Gaming to the tune of a 2-0 sweep in Shanghai, China.

Game 1 began with EDward Gaming (7-3, 15-6 match record) drafting a composition that excelled at teamfighting, but also had some splitpush potential. Suning Gaming (4-5, 12-13 match record) drafted a similar composition that traded a weaker early game for more late game power, opting to keep it simple against the storied Chinese organization. The early game was uneventful, but EDG built a 2,700-gold lead by the 15-minute mark by virtue of objective control. But Suning Gaming never gave up, clawing its way back into the game after 20 minutes through a handful of strategic picks, opening up the map through Drake control. EDG slowed Suning's momentum by taking Baron at 27-minute mark, utilizing the buff to take two inhibitors. Suning struck back with clean back-to-back 4-for-0 teamfight victories after the 31 and 34-minute marks, respectively. Off the back of the second victory, Suning quickly pushed the mid lane and ended the game to go up 1-0 in the series.

Suning and EDG drafted similar compositions going into Game 2. Suning's early game play was significantly better compared to Game 1, with Suning finding kills and towers to amass a 3,200-gold lead by the 15-minute mark. Objectives became the focus for Suning, as it continued to break down tower after tower going into the mid game. The game slowed down after 20 minutes, but Suning slowly grew its gold lead by simply farming more efficiently while EDG merely played on its backfoot. Suning managed to take down Baron at the 29-minute mark while winning a 5-for-1 teamfight to seamlessly push and end the sweep over EDG.

Suning Gaming will return to the Rift on Friday to take on Team WE at 5 a.m ET, while EDward Gaming play its next game Saturday against LGD Gaming at 8 a.m ET.