Team WE shows dominance in 2-0 sweep of Suning Gaming

Team WE gave Suning Gaming some chances but quickly shut those opportunities down during a 2-0 sweep Friday in League of Legends Pro League play in Shanghai. Provided by Riot Games

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Team WE showed why it's the cream of the crop in the League of Legends Pro League on Friday with a dominant win over Suning Gaming in a 2-0 sweep to kick off Week 7, Day 2 in Shanghai.

All split long, Team WE (8-2, 18-7 match record) has done practically the same thing: draft a deathball teamfighting composition focused around AD carry Jin "Mystic" Seong-jun, wait for its opponents to make a mistake, then roll to a win. Against the struggling Suning Gaming (4-6, 12-15 match record), Team WE never felt threatened, despite losing an early lead in Game 1.

SNG had a roughly 3,000-gold advantage at 20 minutes, but Team WE's teamfighting and vision control were too much for SNG to handle. Team WE showed off its prowess during a prolonged 5-for-1 teamfight victory around the Baron pit. With WE securing Baron at 29 minutes and Mystic's Kog'Maw picking up kills throughout the early and mid-game, it was easy for WE to take a massive lead.

By the time WE brought down SNG's Nexus at 35 minutes, Mystic had dealt a whopping game-high 30,700 damage to enemy champions, more than double that of SNG AD carry Lee "Fury" Jin-yong's Kalista, while picking up a 7/0/5 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) for 86 percent kill participation in a clean Game 1 win.

Team WE drafted another variation of the AD-centric teamfighting composition (shocker) in Game 2 and again did its best to give SNG a fair chance. After Team WE surrendered four pointless kills for no discernable reason in the early game, SNG again took an early lead. Through beautiful coordination, however, Team WE took a 3-for-0 fight and a Baron kill by the 23-minute mark.

Perhaps SNG's teamfighting composition designed to blow up Mystic wasn't drafted properly -- perhaps SNG didn't expect Mystic to take Xayah and simply dodge incoming pressure with Featherstorm -- but, most likely, the reason WE dominated Game 2 was that it was simply the better team. Team WE locked down a final 5-for-1 ace after cruising into SNG's base with the Baron buff and closed out Game 2 in 27 minutes.

Team WE prepare for a monumental clash against Royal Never Give Up at 7 a.m. ET on Sunday, while Suning Gaming will take on Snake Esports at 4 a.m. ET on Sunday.