Afreeca decimates Ever8 Winners

The League of Legends crowd makes some noise with thunder sticks. Provided by Riot Games

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In a lightning-quick series, the Afreeca Freecs dismantled Ever8 Winners on Sunday in Seoul, South Korea to close out Week 8 of League of Legends Champions Korea.

Coming into the Summer Split, there was much hype surrounding Ever8 Winners (2-14, 9-28 match record) and its rookie mid laner, Park "Cepted" Wi-rim. Eight weeks into the split, however, Ever8 has been nothing short of a disappointment, and this series showed why. At no point did Ever8 look to really have a cohesive game plan or strategy behind its movements around the map. Ever8 drafted a double AD carry composition in both games, but the picks never panned out as the team couldn't find its head later in the game. While it did find an early lead in the second game, Ever8 simply had no idea how to push for any more advantages, which allowed Afreeca (9-7, 24-19 match record) to easily do whatever it wanted across the series.

Speaking of Afreeca, it came into the series looking for a strong win over the weakest team in LCK, and it got just that. With Jin Air nipping at its tail in the standings, every win is crucial to Afreeca's playoffs hopes. On the back of support Bak "TusiN" Jong-ik and mid laner Lee "KurO" Seo-haeng, Afreeca had no problem putting itself in a nice spot to squeeze into the playoffs. Afreeca always drafted a strong teamfighting composition in this series, which allowed its stars to shine. TusiN was on Alistar in Game 1 and was electric with the champion, landing key Headbutt/Pulverize combos to give his team the edge in teamfights. While TusiN was no less impressive with his Rakan in Game 2, it was KurO that took the lead in this game with his Orianna. He seemed to always know when to throw out a Command: Shockwave, which led to his 7/1/9 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) for 100 percent kill participation. While these two may have been the standouts, make no mistake about it, this was a huge team victory that Afreeca achieved with ease through impeccable teamwork and coordination.

Afreeca will next face MVP on Wednesday at 7 a.m. ET, while Ever8 will continue to look for more wins against the Jin Air Green Wings the same day at 4 a.m. ET.