Cloud9 wins sixth straight, sweeps Echo Fox

Cloud9 support Andy “Smoothie” Ta and his team decimated Echo Fox on Sunday during North American League of Legends Championship Series play in Los Angeles. Provided by Riot Games

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Cloud9 dismantled Echo Fox to take a 2-0 series sweep during Week 9, Day 3 of the North American League of Legends Championship Series in Los Angeles.

Cloud9 continued its recent trend of dominating teams and took the series extremely quickly, including earning the fastest game victory of the split. Starting off Game 1, it looked like Echo Fox might play spoiler as the team quickly picked up two kills thanks to top laner Brandon "Brandini" Chen's Shen. Cloud9 quickly responded with an impressive series of engagements from support Andy "Smoothie" Ta's Alistar. This ultimately allowed Cloud9 to easily snowball toward a 28-minute victory.

Cloud9 managed to top its Game 1 performance, though, as the team stormed forward for yet another dominant victory in 21:32. Each member of the team easily found an advantage early on in Game 2, and Cloud9 gave up only two deaths in the lightning-fast final game of the sweep.

Though it's difficult to point to a single member on Cloud9 as the sole reason they won, Smoothie sticks out as one of the better performing members. Starting the series on Alistar, he swiftly found a lead for his lane while simultaneously roaming and helping build leads for other players across the map. He didn't slow down in Game 2, opting for Blitzcrank and putting up yet another remarkable performance for the fastest victory of the split.

With the win, Cloud9 earned itself a sixth match win in a row, ending the split on the highest note possible moving into playoffs. On the other hand, Echo Fox will need to do some reevaluating in order to bring itself back into the swing of things as it attempts to become a threat in the Spring Split.