H2K Gaming crushes Mysterious Monkeys

Mysterious Monkeys has a lot of holes to plug before fighting for its European League of Legends Championship Series spot in the Promotion Tournament. Provided by Riot Games

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H2K Gaming ensured that it would be heading into the playoffs on the right foot when it smashed Mysterious Monkeys in a 2-0 sweep on Friday to open Week 10, Day 2 of the European League of Legends Championship Series in Berlin.

H2K (9-2, 20-6 match record) needed a decisive win to end its split, and the Monkeys (2-11, 5-23 match record) delivered it. The victory is key to H2K's chances of taking first place in Group B, as it started the day tied with the Unicorns of Love (8-3, 19-11 match record). If the Unicorns should fall before Team Vitality (4-7, 10-15 match record) later on in the day, then H2K will retain its lead and with it the first seed from Group B.

For the Mysterious Monkeys, the loss is a merely symbolic. The team already had no way to avoid being sent to the Promotion Tournament, H2K ruthlessly stomped the Monkeys in Game 1 and the Monkeys managed to throw a rather sizable lead in Game 2 by getting picked off in H2K's jungle more times that seemed appropriate for a professional-level team.

It certainly wasn't the kind of game Mysterious Monkeys wanted to end the split on, especially because the Promotion Tournament is now stacked with teams that have just come off big wins. Both Challenger teams won entry to the Promotion Tournament via 3-0 victories, while the Ninjas in Pyjamas, the other EU LCS team that will be participating, just shocked the region by taking down Group A-leading Fnatic at the beginning of Week 10.

This was the last match of the regular season for both teams, though both will be taking part in the postseason in two very different ways. H2K will next be moving to the playoffs, where they hope to once again represent Europe at Worlds. The Mysterious Monkeys, on the other hand, hope to earn the opportunity to simply stay in the LCS.