Snake closer to playoff bid with 2-1 win over Team WE

League of Legends is one of the most popular esports on the planet. Provided by Riot Games

Snake Esports shocked Team WE by earning a 2-1 series victory to kick off Week 10, Day 1 of League Pro League play on Thursday in Shanghai.

Team WE looked like a solid team in Game 1, which ended up lasting just over 30 minutes until WE brought down Snake's Nexus. The beginning of Game 2 started off as a slaughter in favor of Team WE, while Snake Esports seemed clueless on how to play League of Legends. Giving up nine kills in 10 minutes didn't sway Snake, though; it bounced back to only give up two kills in the next 24 minutes in order to even the series.

For Team WE, there was little on the line since the team is guaranteed to finish top two in Group A of the LPL. On the other hand, Snake desperately needed to win this series in order to make the final push against I May next match to cement a fourth-place playoff bid. With so much to gain, Snake looked to continue riding its momentum to secure a Game 3 victory.

Snake did just that, giving Team WE a challenge through strong laning and impressive peel for its carries. Game 2 required strong play from Snake, but Team WE also contributed to its downfall due to being overaggressive. Despite molding its team composition around Jin "Mystic" Sung-jun's Kog'Maw, WE was wholly unable to make much of the pick. Mystic died within the first few minutes of the game, and continued to die over and over throughout the rest of the contest. Snake for zeroed in on this portion of WE's team composition to come away with a strong, clean win by Snake that will be necessary if the team wants to find success in the playoffs.