OMG dashes LGD's playoff hopes

The crowd at the 2015 League of Legends World Championship finals. Provided by Riot Games

OMG would end any hope of LGD Gaming securing a playoff spot, beating its opposition 2-1 to conclude Week 10, Day 3 of the League of Legends Pro League Summer Split in Shanghai, China.

As OMG and LGD entered the rift, the match was largely only meaningful for LGD, whose playoff hopes rested on a win. For OMG, the series ultimately served as a tuneup for the playoffs, having already secured its spot in weeks prior. The disadvantage would look even more pronounced, with OMG opting to use substitute AD carry Hu "Jiekou" Zi-Xiang and substitute jungler Chen "World6" Yu Tian.

Despite this, though, OMG would have no trouble in Game 1, quickly finding a lead before snowballing out of control. All eyes were on mid laner Xie "icon" Tian Yu on Jayce who went uncontested in lane, allowing him to completely dictate the pace of the game. Though LGD was able to find the occasional kill during frequent skirmishes, it could not respond at the same pace as OMG built a lead, falling behind more and more as fights went on. Though LGD's AD carry Gu "Imp" Seung Bin was able to show signs of life on Tristana throughout the defeat, LGD was unable to walk away with a win in Game 1.

Game 2 went much better for LGD as it switched up its strategy, opting to spread pressure around the map instead of focusing solely on the bottom lane. Simply put, the result was hardly ever in question, as LGD would flip the script of Game 1, dictating the pace by sheer pressure from all sides. Though OMG was able to find the occasional kill for itself, the team could not recover, allowing LGD to push the series to a Game 3.

After two rather one-sided games, the series was blown wide open with an extremely close, back-and-forth Game 3. With everything on the line, LGD played as if it didn't want to make any mistakes that would throw away its chances of making playoffs. Though both teams played calm and controlled, OMG had practically shied into a 5,000-gold lead near the 30-minute mark, enough to nearly push LGD off the proverbial cliff. A devastating teamfight just a short while later would eventually send it tumbling off as LGD was forced to look while Jiekou's Kalista quickly killed both Nexus turrets and ended the game, shattering all hopes of playoffs in the process.

With the victory, OMG secured itself second place in the group moving into playoffs, and a more favorable seed as a result. Simultaneously, LGD was eliminated from making playoffs, meaning that with Suning Gaming's victory earlier Sunday, the team will just squeak by and secure the last playoff spot of the group.