BIG goes 4-0 in Week 3 of EU EPL

Fatih "gob b" Dayik and his BIG teammates had a 4-0 week at the European ESL Pro League. Steffie Wunderl/ESL

Week 3 of the ESL Pro League was a rather short one as most teams were off preparing for their group at the ELEAGUE Premier and ESL One: New York. BIG led the week with a perfect 4-0 record, earning the fourth place spot for the time being.

LDLC (3-3, 9 points) started the short week with a pair of wins over a struggling GODSENT (4-7, 11 points) to win its first two maps of the season. Wednesday, LDLC continued its streak taking a convincing win over Hellraisers (3-9, 10 points) in Game 1, but the team couldn't overcome a Game 2 blitz by Hellraisers to end the week with a perfect record. Regardless, LDLC moved past Ninjas in Pyjamas (3-5, 9 points) for the 10th spot after finishing the week with a 3-1 record.

After being sent home empty handed from ESG Tour Mykonos last week, BIG (6-4, 17 points) capitalized on the weakened slate in Week 3 with a perfect 4-0 sweep. Tuesday, BIG took on Heroic (5-5, 16 points) in a hotly contested Game 1 matchup on Train, and BIG won four straight rounds to close out the set. Heroic could then barely secure a round in Game 2 with a 16-1 thrashing from BIG, who picked up the series sweep. The team then ended the week with a sweep of GODSENT to move up to fourth place in the European standings.

The biggest losers of the Week 3 action were Heroic and GODSENT. Despite its losses to BIG, Heroic still holds on to the fifth spot in the European standings over Astralis (5-3, 15 points). GODSENT lingers in eighth place behind G2 Esports (4-4, 13 points) and is four points behind Astralis for a coveted top-six spot. The trailing team will need to shore up its issues to contest for the sixth playoff spot. Fredrik "freddieb" Buo will have a week off to get his team get back to form.

With teams returning from the Big Apple this weekend, the EU EPL is on a bye in the coming week. Week 4 action will begin Sept. 26 at 1 p.m. ET with LDLC taking on Team EnVyUs.