Lunatic-Hai survive against X6-Gaming at APEX

Big changes are coming to the Overwatch League in Season 2, including new teams, new franchises and bigger efforts to combat burnout. Provided by Blizzard.

The losers bracket of OGN Overwatch APEX Season 4 came to a boiling point in Seoul, South Korea as teams were finally booted from the tournament. LW Red triumphed over APEX regulars, CONBOX, while Lunatic-Hai kept the dream alive after a fierce duel with X6-Gaming.

Map 1: Nepal (Control)
Map 2: Hollywood (Assault/Escort)
Map 3: Hanamura (Assault)
Map 4: Dorado (Escort)
Map 5: Eichenwald (Assault/Escort)

CONBOX played much better than expected, given how disjointed it was all season. Nepal and Hollywood were incredibly close matches, back and forth blows until CONBOX won Nepal, followed up by LW Red taking Hollywood in its favor. It was clear that CONBOX was stronger this season than ever been before, and LW Red wouldn't get the easy path for a rematch against NC Foxes.

CONBOX's Park "Architect" Min-ho broke the tie via Dragonblade kills on Genji in the timebank stage of Hanamura, giving LW Red no room to breathe. Despite his performance here, he was almost useless on Dorado, as LW Red Jeong "Nenne" Yeon-kwan struck back on Tracer. Laying waste to CONBOX on Tracer, he secured a 2-2 tie with a full hold on the first point with the assistance of Choi "Wekeed" Seok-woo on Junkrat.

The final map was a nail-biter, as Eichenwald brought both teams to the brink of capturing Point C. LW Red had a fantastic lead going into the final point but Architect switching from Genji to Mei for the last push allowed CONBOX to stall for several minutes, stopping LW Red meters before the finish line. However, CONBOX was unable to exceed the push giving LW Red the win and the right to re-challenge NC Foxes in the next round.

Map 1: Nepal (Control)
Map 2: Numbani (Assault/Escort)
Map 3: Temple of Anubis (Assault)
Map 4: Route 66 (Escort)

From an initial look, a 3-1 score in the favor of Lunatic-Hai could look as though they dropped a game but overall looked dominant. However, the series was incredibly even, but LH's experience pulled it ahead of X6-Gaming.

Nepal showed Lunatic-Hai at its best, with a crushing victory, but as stated before, X6-Gaming is still a talented team. Kim "GodsB" Kyeon-Bo's Soldier 76 and Jeong "NoSmite" Da-Un's Winston were out of this world. NoSmite's primal rages were some of the best seen in APEX, and GodsB hitscan work aided in a full hold defense against LH that got X6 the map victory, tieing up the series.

Despite any concerns, Lunatic-Hai would wipe all of them off the table for this match as they secured Temple of Anubis with an excellent defense on the second point. After that, Lunatic-Hai knocked X6 out of the tournament by defending Point B of Route 66 with excellent execution.