Nc Foxes beat LW Red 3-1 to advance to APEX Season 4 semifinals

Doomfist has arrived in Overwatch. Blizzard Entertainment

Nc Foxes shut down LW Red in the Group A losers bracket finals Friday in South Korea to earn a spot in the OGN Overwatch APEX Season 4 semifinals. Nc Foxes will join C9 Kongdoo as one of the qualifying teams out of its group and face RunAway on Oct. 13 for a spot in the APEX Season 4 finals.

Map 1: Ilios (Control)
Map 2: Hollywood (Assault/Escort)
Map 3: Lunar Horizon Colony (Assault)
Map 4: Dorado (Escort)

Ilios was a close tussle between LW Red and Nc Foxes, with both teams turning every stage into a bloodbath. LW Red's Choi "Wekeed" Seok-woo on Genji and Jeong "Nenne" Yeon-kwan on Tracer gave Nc Foxes some trouble, but the duo couldn't do enough on its own. Nc Foxes took the map, and in a surprising turn of events, LW Red chose Hollywood for the next map.

The last time these two teams met on Hollywood, Nc Foxes crushed LW Red and full-held its opponent off the points. This time around, LW Red nearly turned the tide. Nc Foxes destroyed Point A's defense and had a massive timebank going into Point B but couldn't finish the map. But on defense, Nc Foxes DPS Song "SASIN" Sang-hyeon chased Wekeed's Doomfist around streets phase as Genji, cutting him down every time possible with the rest of the team showing up as well. The focused defense allowed Nc Foxes to hold off LW Red and bring the series to 2-0.

On Lunar Horizon Colony, though, nothing could stop Wekeed's Doomfist. He was precise with his Meteor Strike ultimate and picked up numerous kills while clearing out points for his teammates. After preventing the sweep, LW Red looked for more on Dorado, and the map came down to another DPS-focused showdown. Nenne and Nc Foxes DPS Kim "E1kiNo" Geun-hyeong's Tracer duel was the most important matchup on Dorado. Nenne was more consistent, but E1kiNo's clutch Pulse Bombs won his team the map, the series and the semifinals berth.