Rogue, Invictus remain undefeated in Week 2 of the LPL

The League of Legends crowd plays with thunder sticks. Provided by Riot Games

Were you expecting much to change this week in the League of Legends Pro League?

While there were plenty of the new-look meta picks all throughout Week 2 of the LPL, the results didn't change one bit. Invictus is still undefeated atop the East Region and Rogue Warriors is still undefeated atop the West Region. That being said, the lower ranks of each region saw some results worth discussion.

Getting the non-surprises out of the way first -- both Invictus (3-0) and Royal Never Give Up (3-1) had perfect weeks. Invictus only had one outing, but it sure made a statement in that single series, handing Vici Gaming (1-3) a 2-0 stomp that lasted under an hour. RNG had a far busier week that was no less impressive, taking out LGD Gaming (0-4), Suning Gaming (3-2) and Bilibili Gaming (1-3) in a trio of 2-0 sweeps. It's clear who the frontrunners of this region are and that will likely not change anytime soon.

At the other end of the spectrum in the East Region, however, is Suning Gaming. Despite starting out with a 2-0 record in Week 1, it went just 1-2 during Week 2 and looked far worse for wear. While a 2-0 win over Bilibili was well and good, it crumbled in the face of more formidable competition later in the week. RNG easily dismissed Suning in a 2-0 sweep, while JD Gaming (3-1) had a bit more trouble but still won 2-1. With a contest against the undefeated Invictus on the schedule for Week 3, it won't get any easier for the Suning Gaming squad.

Meanwhile, Rogue Warriors (4-0) and EDward Gaming (3-0) are both enjoying success early on this summer. On the back of mid laner Kim "Doinb" Tae-sang and AD carry Han "Smlz" Jin, Rogue made quick work of both Snake Esports (2-2) and FunPlus Phoenix (1-3) in a pair of 2-0 sweeps. Not to be outdone, though, EDG also picked up a pair of 2-0 victories this week against OMG (2-3) and Team WE (1-4). With both mid laner Lee "Scout" Ye-chan and AD carry Hu "iBoy" Xian-Zhao leading the way in every outing, EDG is making a case for best in the West that will come to a head when it faces off against Rogue to close out Week 3 next Sunday.

The rest of the West isn't doing too hot. Perhaps most surprising of all is Team WE, who has won just a single series in five tries thus far. A playoff team just this past Spring and a Worlds attendee last fall, this team looks like a shell of its former self throughout the first two weeks of the Summer Split. It did pick up its first win of the split this week against OMG, but when faced against the likes of FunPlus Phoenix (a team it conceivably should have defeated) and EDG (a team it had no hopes of defeating in its current state), WE was brushed aside.

--Wyatt Donigan