Team Secret remains undefeated at International 9

Dota 2 teams are facing off at The International in Shanghai, China, for a piece of a $32 million prize pool. Bob Frid/USA TODAY Sports

Team Secret swept their sole match on Friday and is the only undefeated team after two days of group stage play at the International 9 in Shanghai, China.

The team sits atop Group A at 8-0, ahead of PSG.LGD, while Vici Gaming -- the Day 1 leaders in Group B -- finished 3-3 on the day to tumble out of first place.

Now leading Group B are OG, which moved to 9-1.

Team Secret swept Newbee, while OG made an impressive 6-0 run against Royal Never Give Up, Evil Geniuses and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Also climbing up the standings were Mineski (Group A) and Natus Vincere (Group B), who started the day with 2-2 records.

Mineski swept Chaos Esports Club and split with Team Liquid to move into third place in their group, while Na'Vi swept Virtus.pro and NiP while splitting with Infamous to move into second place in Group B.

By going 0-4 against Vici Gaming and Na'Vi, Virtus.pro, which entered the day at 3-1 and in second place in Group B, dropped to 3-5 to plummet to the bottom third of the group.

The 18 teams are divided between two groups and playing a round-robin, best-of-two format. The top four teams in each group will advance to the Upper Bracket of the Main Event, the bottom team in each group is eliminated, and the remaining teams will participate in the Lower Bracket of the Main Event.

The teams are vying for a record prize pool of more than $33 million, with the winning team to take home more than $15 million.

Keen Gaming, Chaos, NiP and RNG all are in danger of elimination of the tournament as it heads into Day 3.

Day 3 schedule

Team Secret vs. TNC Predator

Alliance vs. Newbee

Chaos Esports Club vs. Keen Gaming

PSG.LGD vs. Mineski

Virtus Pro vs. OG

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Royal Never Give Up

Fnatic vs. Natus Vincere

Evil Geniuses vs. Infamous

TNC Predator vs. Chaos Esports Club

Team Liquid vs. Alliance

Newbee vs. Keen Gaming

Team Secret vs. Mineski

OG vs. Fnatic

Royal Never Give Up vs. Natus Vincere

Vici Gaming vs. Ninjas in Pyajmas

Virtus Pro vs. Infamous

Team Secret vs. PSG.LGD

Team Liquid vs. Keen Gaming

Newbee vs. Chaos Esports Club

Alliance vs. Mineski

Group A standings

Team Secret, 8-0

PSG.LGD, 8-2

Mineski, 5-3

TNC Predator, 5-5

Newbee, 4-4

Alliance, 4-4

Team Liquid, 3-7

Keen Gaming, 2-7

Chaos Esports Club, 1-7

Group B standings

OG, 9-1

Natus Vincere, 7-3

Vici Gaming, 7-3

Evil Geniuses, 5-5

Infamous, 4-4

Fnatic, 3-5

Virtus.pro, 3-5

Ninjas in Pyjamas, 1-7

Royal Never Give Up, 1-7