Apex Legends update adds duos and Kings Canyon permanently

Kings Canyon and Duos become permanent game mode in Apex Legends (1:25)

Apex Legends' original map Kings Canyon will be returning to the game for good after being replaced in October 2019. (1:25)

In a week dominated by Animal Crossing, NBA 2K20 and Valorant headlines, Apex Legends developer Respawn dropped major news of its own.

Respawn announced on Thursday that duos play and Kings Canyon will become permanent fixtures to the popular battle royale game starting Tuesday, when a new event for the game, "The Old Ways."

Kings Canyon returned to Apex Legends in a limited time mode in late February and now has been put on permanent rotation with World's Edge. Duos will join trios as the two standard modes of play in the game. Solos had previously been released for a limited time last summer, with many fans clamoring for the mode to also become permanent. No official word if that will come in the future.

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Apex's upcoming event will run from April 7-21. The Old Ways will explore the backstory of Bloodhound, including the addition of an area in the northwest region of World's Edge. That part of the map will transform into a "Town Takeover" known as Bloodhound's Trials, where players will battle enemy prowlers to receive high tier loot -- and try to fend off other players trying to do the same.

The event will also include daily challenges and specific DLC items that players can purchase and marks the return of Legendary Hunt Skins. All eight will be available for direct purchase in addition to two recolored variants of the Wraith and R-301 skins that battle pass buyers had access to.