Decay signs with Washington Justice

Tyler Demogenes

The Washington Justice have signed former Dallas Fuel DPS player Gui-un "Decay" Jang as their seventh man on their Overwatch League roster ahead of the North American playoffs, the team announced Wednesday.

Decay joins the team after his exit from the Fuel in early August. At that time, Fuel ownership group Team Envy's chief gaming officer Mike "Hastr0" Rufail said that Decay refused to practice with the team, leading to them releasing him from his contract. One of the most skilled players on the Fuel roster, Decay became highly discussed as a potential pickup for another lineup.

On Tuesday the Overwatch League announced a new set of roster rules for the playoffs to allow teams flexibility in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Teams with players who retire, are unable to play due to COVID-19 or choose not to travel will be allowed to sign a free agent player to replace them, as long as that player has citizenship with an Asian country or has a visa to travel to Asia uninterrupted. Overwatch League playoffs are expected to play online but will require North American teams to travel to Asia to compete in the top 4 bracket.

The Justice signed Decay as one of their players, tank Lukas "LullSiSH" Wiklund, has encountered visa issues all year and been unable to play, making them eligible for the exception, a team official told ESPN. Decay is a South Korean citizen who has competed in North America on a P-1A Internationally Recognized Athlete visa.

Specific dates for the Overwatch League 2020 Playoffs have not been announced but the format will see both regions -- North America and Europe -- compete in their own regional legs, with the top two from each competing in a final playoff. The format for playoffs shifted dramatically after the COVID-19 outbreak, which altered the Overwatch League's initial plan for geolocation in 2020 significantly.