Radio Ga Ga: "He should be black flagged really"

What did we learn from the Canadian Grand Prix? (1:16)

Jennie Gow reveals the three biggest lessons from Sebastian Vettel's victory in Montreal. (1:16)

A recap of the best radio soundbites of the Canadian Grand Prix, where the chequered flag was waved one lap too early to give Sebastian Vettel a well-deserved win.

"I guess I still know how to drive."
Max Verstappen delivers a response to his critics after securing third place on the grid in qualifying.

"I'm fine. He just ran me out of road."
Brendon Hartley reports back from the cockpit of his smashed up Toro Rosso after contact with Lance Stroll on the opening lap.

"I will go close to the pit wall now. Check the left part of the front wing. Sirotkin and Leclerc pushed me on the grass. Just to make sure this front wing is OK." Fernando Alonso asks for a visual check after contact on the opening lap.

"Mate! What did Sainz do? Sainz just took me off. He should be black flagged really."
Sergio Perez was livid after contact with Carlos Sainz at the restart as he attempted to pass around the outside of Turn 1.

"Perez hit me very hard. No damage but he just closed the door on me."
Unsurprisingly, Sainz saw it slightly differently.

"What are they investigating? Is it not clear? He just ran into me, I gave him enough space."
Perez was so certain Sainz was in the wrong that he asked the FIA to forego their investigation entirely. The stewards later decided it was a racing incident.

"No power, no KERS. It's maybe the turbo..."
Alonso feels his 300th grand prix coming to an end after a loss in power. An exhaust issue was later identified as the culprit.

"Tell them not to wave the chequered flag when it is not done yet."
Sebastian Vettel corrects race control's error after model Winnie Harlow was instructed to wave the chequered flag at the end of lap 69 of 70.

"So everywhere has the f---ing flags out."
Kimi Raikkonen reports that the marshals are also waving flags on the final lap as the confusion over the length of the race continues...

"Lewis' girlfriend waved the flag a lap early there."
Christian Horner stokes rumours around Lewis Hamilton's love life while explaining the situation to Max Verstappen on the cool down lap.

"Salut Gilles. Salut Gilles."
Following his now traditional "Grazie Regazzi!" celebration, race winner Vettel had a special message in honour of Gilles Villeneuve, who won the first race in Montreal 40 years ago.