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Here is everything you need to ace your fantasy basketball drafts in downloadable and printable sheets. Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE via Getty Images

All of our pre-draft content is available in our Draft Kit, which includes rankings and projections for roto, H2H categories and H2H points leagues, as well as player profiles, strategies for every kind of draft, expert mock drafts, sleepers, busts, breakouts, rookie rankings, draft tiers and much more from some of the best minds in fantasy basketball.

When it comes to draft day, you'll want to print out our handy rankings and tiers cheat sheets (so you can keep track of which players have been drafted and which player you should grab next) and our key draft tips, a collection of our best pre-draft content, including sleepers and rookie rankings.

Plus, our NBA schedule grid will help you select players who will play extra games during the fantasy playoffs and avoid those with thin schedules.

You can also download a PDF of our ESPN+ fantasy basketball draft-tips cheat sheet, which includes sleepers, busts, breakouts, Jim McCormick's rookie rankings, Eric Karabell's "Do Draft and "Do Not" draft lists, André Snellings' ultimate draft board, John Cregan's second-year breakouts, Joe Kaiser's riskiest picks, and who should go No. 1 in roto and points leagues.

Just click, print and win!

Editor's note: These cheat sheets were compiled prior to the announcements that Zion Williamson, Deandre Ayton and Marvin Bagley III would miss extended action.

Top 200 fantasy basketball rankings: roto scoring

Joe Kaiser ranks his top 200 players for fantasy basketball leagues that use eight-category (points, 3s, assists, rebounds, steals, blocks, field goal percentage and free throw percentage) rotisserie (roto) scoring systems. Download »

Joe Kaiser's roto positional tiers

Knowing which positions are the deepest and shallowest goes a long way on draft day. Joe Kaiser is here to help, breaking down each position into tiers. Download »


Top 200 fantasy basketball rankings: H2H points scoring

André Snellings ranks his top 200 players for fantasy basketball leagues that use standard ESPN head-to-head points-league scoring systems. Download »

André Snellings' H2H points positional tiers

Breaking down each position into tiers so you can balance your roster when drafting in leagues that use head-to-head points formats. Download »


Top 200 fantasy basketball rankings: H2H categories

Should you commit to Harden, Giannis or AD at the top? Are up-and-comers like Doncic, Fox and Young top-20 options? Eric Karabell breaks it down. Download »

Eric Karabell's H2H categories positional tiers

Here are all of the top 200 players in head-to-head categories leagues, broken into tiers by position, so you have an edge in your drafts. Download »


Schedule grid

Plan ahead for your head-to-head playoffs so you draft players who have quality schedules and avoid those who play fewer games down the stretch. Download »