Fantasy Football 101: How to sign up

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

How to join a league with friends, family or co-workers

If you received a fantasy football invite via email, Facebook, Twitter or SMS to join a friend's league, you must click the unique link on the invite to join that league. Please check your email or other messages for your invite to join your league. Contact your commissioner to resend the invite, if needed.

How to join a public league

If you don't have enough people to create your own league, or if you just want to join one more, hop into one of our public leagues that fits your desires.

How to start your own league as a commissioner/league manager

Head to the ESPN Fantasy Football create your own league page. Here, you'll find three choices: Standard Free, ESPN Custom and League Manager.

Note: Click on "League Scoring Types Explained" for details on each option.

Create Free: This is the simplest way to get started. You provide a League Name, choose your Scoring Type, Draft Type and Draft Date. We take care of the rest. The limits here are that your league must have 10 players, the commissioner can't customize your settings, the draft must be online, and your league won't include keepers or a league history. These leagues are eligible for the ESPN Fantasy Football leaderboard.

Create ESPN Custom: ESPN Custom leagues allow you to create a league, customize your rosters, scoring and other league settings, then make it accessible from our League Directory for others to join. Unlike League Manager (LM) leagues, once your ESPN Custom league is created, you will NOT have access to LM Tools, and your league settings are locked for the season. Note that ESPN Custom leagues are not leaderboard eligible, even ones that use standard ESPN settings, and they are limited to one season of play (e.g., no keepers or league history available).

Create League Manager: As the League Manager, you have access to LM Tools throughout the season to help you manage all aspects of your league, including draft settings, the number of teams in your league, your regular-season and playoff schedules, and scoring adjustments. ESPN will preserve your league's history (and keepers) from year to year. Access to League Manager-run leagues is by private invite only.

To create your LM league, you'll need to choose your basic settings, including League Name, Scoring Type, Draft Type and Draft Date. You don't have to put too much thought into them while creating your league, because you can change all of these settings at any time.

For a detailed look at all of the basic and advanced settings, click here.