Toe Poke Daily: Man United lose Twitter as well as the game vs. Palace

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Man United lose Twitter as well as the game vs. Palace

What's worse than losing to a team you should beat? Losing to a team you should beat when you've posted a prematch tweet bragging about your 4-0 win last weekend...

Manchester United have learned the hard way that pride comes before a fall on Twitter.

Luckily, both Crystal Palace and Chelsea's social media teams were there to bring them crashing back to earth.

United's social media woes got us thinking about some of the other times footballers or clubs have struggled with the medium. Here are some of the worst, though we've obviously left out the most offensive ones.

Man City shorten Laporte

Manchester City showed how Twitter can be used for amusement as they tweeted a four pictures all at once, which had an interesting impact on Aymeric Laporte.

We'll assume they knew what they were doing ... if not, just add it to the list.