Uruguayan league mocked in brilliant UEFA Champions League parody

With tongues firmly pressed in cheeks, Uruguayan broadcasters TV TCC chose to promote their coverage of the new football season with a brilliant parody of the bombastic pomp that accompanies the UEFA Champions League.

However, TCC instead chose to focus on the more farcical elements of the Uruguayan league, using footage of never-ending goalmouth scrambles, mattresses being used to dry flooded pitches and wayward shots being fired into nearby rivers.

The advert campaign proved to be a massive hit with Uruguayan football fans, who shared it in their thousands after the clip first appeared on social media.

Sadly, the spoilsports over at the Uruguayan Football Association didn't find the commercial quite as funny as everyone else and promptly banned TCC from airing it on the grounds that it "denigrates" the image of Uruguayan football.

Quite frankly, if watching a man lead a cow around a football field is wrong, then we don't want to be right.