Braintree boss left to decry 'worst thing in football' after Guiseley goal

Braintree manager Dan Cowley was left fuming over "the worst thing in football" following Saturday's feisty National League encounter with Guiseley AFC.

The match eventually finished 1-1 but only after an attempt at observing standard fair play etiquette went awry to give Guiseley their goal.

Following an injury to a Braintree player, Guiseley midfielder Ollie Norburn attempted to return possession by launching the ball down field. Unfortunately, Norburn proceeded to blast his pass high over the head of Braintree goalkeeper Tom King and into the back of the net to score an unintentional equaliser. (The incident starts at the 7:00 mark.)

As is usually the done thing under such circumstances, Braintree expected Guiseley to let them walk in an unobstructed goal from kick-off to restore their lead. However, the home side refused to play ball as they felt King had intentionally let the ball go in.

Things swiftly descended into mass unpleasantness from thereon.

Guiseley boss Mark Bower told BBC Radio Leeds: "The goalkeeper stood there with his arms in the air and allowed the ball to go in to the net. It put us in a really difficult position whether we should allow them to score or not, but everyone around us was saying the keeper was trying to be clever and had let it go in.

"It all kicked off and it was unpleasant and I'm sure it will attract some attention. It's a very uncomfortable position to be in."

Braintree boss Cowley was understandably enraged by the incident, which he later branded the worst thing he'd ever seen on a football pitch.

What a palaver. Look forward to the rematch!