Marouane Fellaini's amazing gurn immortalised in massive mural

Not that he had much say in it, but Marouane Fellaini unwittingly ended up providing the enduring image of the 2017 UEFA Super Cup match.

During the latter stages of his side's 2-1 defeat against Real Madrid, the Manchester United midfielder got hit in the face by a wayward ball and, unfortunately for him, the cameras were on hand to capture the exact moment.

Fellaini's official Twitter account was immediately inundated with fans guffawing at his expense, though the Belgian did just about manage to see the funny side himself.

The laughter eventually died down and Fellaini was perhaps lulled into thinking he'd heard the last of it.

However, thanks to a street artist in Melbourne, Australia, the United player has now had his unfortunate face smash immortalised in a 10 foot high mural.

Some players are given statues outside stadiums, some are even bestowed with curious bronze busts outside their hometown airports. Fellaini has a picture of his face being dislodged from his skull daubed in spray paint on the wall of an Australian underpass.